Meals Per Week

$10.99 per meal
($76.93 per week)

Meals Per Week

$9.99 per meal
($139.86 per week)

Meals Per Week

$8.99 per meal
($188.79 per week)

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5 stars

I literally didn't believe it was prepared in the microwave....So incredibly delicious!

Shawn King

5 stars

Fresh by Transform is so good, I could eat it every day...for EVERY meal. I think I just might!

Danny Southwick

5 stars

I've never had a tough time losing weight. KEEPING IT OFF? That's an entirely different story. I LOVE good food! Fresh by Transform allows me to continue to ENJOY GREAT TASTING FOOD while KEEPING OFF THE WEIGHT! Best of both worlds! I LOVE it

Ryan Engemann

Delicious meals
for a healthy lifestyle


How do the Fresh by Transform meal plans work?
Our meal plans are super easy! You simply pick the plan that offers the number of meals that you would like to receive. Then, you pick out which meals you would like sent to you. We offer three different meal plans for optimal flexibility. We know how busy life can be, which is why we’ve setup our meal plans to seamlessly fit into your schedule while providing you with dishes that are delicious and nutritious. So, take one to the office for lunch; or, enjoy one of our meals after a long day at work while you kick back and relax, and the best part, no pots and pans to clean! We want to see you achieve your fitness goals, and our meals can help you get there.
How are the plans structured?
We offer three plans, so that you can easily fit our nutritious meals into your schedule. The plans are broken up based on the number of meals that you would like to receive; you can get 7, 14, or 21 meals sent to you. If you choose the 7-meals plan, each meal is $10.99; for the 14-meals plan, each meal is $9.99; and, for the 21-meals plan, each meal is $8.99. Each meal plan is setup to help you achieve and stick with your fitness goals.
How long are the meals good for?
Because of our advanced high-pressure packaging technology, we are able to naturally preserve our meals for 25 to 35 days. And, with our advanced shipping process, we are able to get the food to you within two days of cooking it.
Are all of your ingredients all-natural?
Yes! All of our dishes are made from 100 percent all-natural ingredients.
Do you use any artificial preservatives?
No! We are very anti artificial preservation for foods. We believe food is medicine, and that it should be naturally medicinal, not packed with chemicals.
Do you freeze the meals?
Nope! All of our dishes really are delivered to you fresh, never frozen, and free of artificial preservatives, so you can enjoy all the delicious, natural flavors as they should be: fresh.
How do you identify vendors?
We work hard to identify and work with only reputable vendors who adhere to our standards for best practices. Vendors who incorporate sustainability practices and who meet the top quality standards. We want the best ingredients possible for our dishes.
How many people does one meal feed?
Our meals are single-serve dishes.
Can I freeze the meals?
Our meals are made to be refrigerated and then eaten for optimal flavor and freshness; however, you can absolutely freeze and then reheat our dishes.
How should I reheat my meals?
You can reheat using your microwave or oven. Our meals are packaged to be reheated in the microwave; however, if you remove the film covering the tray first, and then watch it closely while it’s heating, you can definitely reheat using an oven; our trays are oven safe. If you’re microwaving, you don’t need to puncture the film or do anything to it; simply put the package into the microwave and follow the heating instructions on the label.
Where are the meals cooked?
Our wide array of dishes are cooked at our USDA kitchen in Colorado Springs with state-of-the-art cooking equipment from smokers to blast chillers that naturally preserve foods to keep them fresh and free from artificial preservatives.
How much is shipping?
Shipping is ALWAYS FREE!
How long do the meals take to ship?
All of our meals are shipped using UPS 2-day, ground shipping. So, your meals get to you fast and fresh.
In what markets is Fresh by Transform available?
Currently, the Fresh by Transform meals ship regionally to certain markets; however, we are in the process of expanding to ship nationwide. Our goal is to be shipping nationally in the next 12 months. The reason we do not currently service all 50 states is because we are not willing to compromise quality or increase prices in order to ship more places earlier. We are taking the necessary steps to ensure that we can offer the same great, fresh, all-natural dishes across the U.S., shipped fast and kept at affordable prices for our customers. Check out where we ship specifically here.
How am I billed?
Fresh by Transform is a subscription-based platform. Your account will be set to recurring billing, with weekly payments taking place at 2am Mountain Time, the morning after you sign up. You will be billed each week on the same day thereafter.
Can I change my subscription?
Yes! If you want to change which meals you receive weekly, the number of meals you receive weekly, pause your account, or cancel your account you can contact us through a help ticket or live chat on the website or by emailing us as [email protected] We are currently working on an update to our website that will allow you to make all of these changes to your account online at any time.
When do I need to request a change to my account in order for it to be effective on my next shipment?
If you would like to make a change to your account, such as updating the meals you’re scheduled to receive, increasing or decreasing the number of meals you’re scheduled to receive, pause your account, or cancel your account, you will need to contact us before 1pm Mountain Time, two days before your meals are scheduled to arrive. We utilize UPS 2-day ground shipping to keep our costs low and allow us to be able to provide free shipping. Therefore, as an example, meals delivered by the end of the day on Wednesday are packed by 1pm Mountain Time on Monday.